15 Style Trends You Definitely Thought Were Cool In Elementary School If You Were A 90s/00s Kid

I would like to just start this post off with a disclaimer and say that I am in no way, shape, or form justifying any of these outrageous trends. Just simply reliving the past to question what we were thinking, but also to talk about some items that are coming back into trend today and I’m here for.

15. Bobby Jack Brand

I never really saw the appeal of Bobby Jack and all their monkey business branding. I did however know a ton of people who had these shirts and thought they were the coolest kids around.

14. Camouflage EVERYTHING

Camo pants, camo tops, camo bags, camo hats, camo please stop this now. In my opinion, it was never a good thing to wear camouflage or worse, camouflage on camouflage. Are you trying to be trendy, invisible, or catch a deer?? Let me know.

13. Chokers

See now this trend is back in style and I am so here for it. I honestly don’t even believe chokers ever truly went out of style, if anything they’ve simply just evolved. Instead of the waxy, tattoo inspired ones of the 00s, it seems were more into the velvet, doubled up look now.

12. Leggings or Jeans with Dresses or Skirts

I have no words. Even as a kid I knew this was ridiculous. Leggings and a dress is one thing especially if someone is looking to be more modest in a casual setting. But deliberately putting a skirt over flair jeans is when the fashion police need to be contacted.

11. Lip Smackers

Watermelon & Cotton Candy flavored Lip Smackers for life. Does anyone know someone who actually used this brand for it’s actual purpose or just to taste/eat it??

10. Sweat Suits

I was so guilty when it came to this trend. I lived in the matching sweats. Every trip that involved an airplane ride? Matching Sweats. Cold outside and didn’t actually want to put on a full outfit to school? Matching Sweats. Mom wanted to match me? Matching Sweats. Wasn’t really opposed to the comfy velvet ones, just as long as I didn’t overheat. Now I am more of a matching sweatshirt, shorts for sleeping kinda person.

9. Halter Tops

They were just so dang popular, but everyone just tended to high beam each other because no one deemed it necessary to wear even a strapless bra with a halter top.

8. Juicy Couture

If you had a Juicy sweatshirt, you were all that and a bag of chips. If you had a juicy bag or slip ons of flip flops, you were all that and a bag of chips. Bonus points if they were in Juicy’s signature pink and brown tones. Anyways, I had a pair of Juicy slip on shoes that I wore well-past my growing shoe sizes’ persistent protesting.

7. Butterfly Clips/ Barrettes

Slap a couple (or a whole set) of butterfly clips or barrettes in your hair (ya know just to ‘keep the bangs or loose hair out of your face’), and you were the epitome of cool. If you really wanted to go a little crazy you could have straightened, crimped, or braided piece of your hair for optimal effect.

6. Extreme Flair Jeans

I love wearing giant denim bags on each leg! Especially if the jeans are so low cut you can basically see my butt!! So fun! If you thought any of that was serious or you actually appreciate the over the top and too long baggy jeans look, you can just exit out of this page now. Flair jeans are one thing, bell bottoms are one thing, even boyfriend and baggy cropped jeans are acceptable, but these? Please don’t force anyone to see those things in public again. There’s a reason why some trends die hard.

5. Denim On Denim

Another trend that needed to die swiftly. Made popular but the ‘it’ couple of the time Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, this idea of Denim on Denim or full on denim outfits was quite the fashion statement. I have no other comment, the pictures should be enough to persuade you.

4. Over The Top Belts

To add to the baggy flair, extremely low cut flair jeans, let’s showcase the fact that they’re insanely low cut by adding a very flashy belt to the deal! Whether it was a scarf turned belt, one with a ton of spikes or bedazzlement, or just one with too many random holes in it, it certainly did the flashy piece job nicely, but in regards to actually holding up your pants? Questionable.

3. Airbrushed Everything

Wanted to make it cool and personalized? Airbrush your name on it. Wanted people to know you were edgy? Airbrush something edgy onto it. Whether ‘it’ was a hat, shirt, bag, towel, etc., you were definitely sure to get your point across.

2. Gauchos

I was the gaucho queen in elementary school if I do say so myself. I had the signature black and brown pairs to go with all outfit options, then I got into a little more detail with lime green and pastel pink pairs as well. I would never chose the outfit choice today, mainly due to the fact that it is so not flattering to my body-type, but I still commend those who wear them and can pull them off. You go Glen Coco. I did love the swooshing feeling the fabric gave when you twirled around in them though. Like a 00s trendy princess.

1. Popcorn Style Anything

Popcorn shirts, tube tops, scarves, bags, you name it and they probably had a popcorn fabric version of it. Honestly it was a great way to make sure a growing kid fits into clothing for a little bit longer than normal during their growth spurt, but the style certainly went beyond kids.

Honorary Mention: To All The 90s/00s Neck Scarfs That Were Considered Trendy

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    1. I love them but I canโ€™t pull them off ๐Ÿ˜‚


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