Disney Halloween Merchandise 2019

Pumpkin Spice and everything nice! It’s a freakin’ bat y’all, cause SPOOKY SZN IS UPON US! In honor of 2019’s FIRST Halloween Party of the year today (insane I know, but I’m here for it), I decided to talk about some of the parks bomb new Spooktacular Merch!

Related image

Anyways! My overall consensus is that they have a ton of the same merchandise from last year, but they’ve enhanced it all. This basically means they’ve either like changed the colors of or brightened them. Some even have more detail or more vibrant additions! The ‘refurbished’ merch from last year has certainly outdone itself!

Now lets talk about the new stuff. The. New. Hocus. Pocus. Bag. I NEED IT. It’s the book!!! From the movie!! With the eye stitched in and all! It’s so ugly, it’s adorable. I’m a big fan! Besides just that, the other new merchandise is insanely cool as well. Some highlights include of course the new Candy Corn Spirit Jersey and the new Loungefly Backpacks. Another really cool new Loungefly is the Hatbox Ghost bag! It is shaped like the infamous hatbox and depending on the way you look at it or the angle you’re at, you will be able to see the actual image of the Hatbox Ghost inside of it! Super neat trick and design.

Lastly, all of the new home decor and Haunted Mansion ambiance is great. I also love the new villain Halloween shirts! Overall, I HIGHLY recommend checking it out! To see all the new merch, check out my latest YouTube video listed below! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel!! Enjoy!

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