Going To A Park Solo

So I’ve been asked by many new CPs as well as seen various posts on the Facebook pages, all wondering about what to do when your friends are working and you aren’t. Many questioned whether or not it is common to go to parks by yourself or if it is considered odd. Let me start things off with saying NO. IT. IS. NOT. WEIRD. Everyone does it! I’m writing this post to not only reassure you that everyone does it at least once on their program, but it’s actually a very nice experience.

So lets go back to my earlier scenario, you have the day off and no one else does. This is my suggestion to you, get your backpack, throw in a good book or a sketchbook (whatever you like to do with your spare time), grab a little cash and head out the door. Pick your favorite park or resort and head on over! Going alone might seem slightly nerve wracking at first but it’s actually a very relaxing experience, especially after crazy work hours. I usually tended to go to Magic Kingdom to visit friends working or to Epcot to indulge in food from around the world.

When it comes to what you do while alone in the parks is different for everyone. Many get fastpasses for their favorite attractions and ride them over and over again while others might not feel as comfortable waiting in line alone. Both are completely understandable. For me, I wasn’t a big fan of standing in line alone so I would mainly take my time and wonder the parks. The nice thing about not going with someone else is the day is completely up to you. If you want to go on a ride you can, if you want to eat at a certain place you can, you don’t have to worry about another person’s agenda when it comes to your day alone. It’s obviously not necessarily something to do every time you have a day off because it can get lonely, but every once in a while everyone needs a personal day.

Anyways, I personally love just walking around the parks. When it comes to Magic Kingdom or Epcot, I always loved taking loops around the parks because for the most part they’re like giant circles. I loved taking in all the little details you might not notice when you’re talking with others or when you’re rushing to your next Fastpass. I also love people watching (not in a creepy way), I love watching happy families and knowing many of them had probably had been dreaming of this vacation for a long time. It’s hard to explain the feeling, but it’s almost like a mix of pride and pure bliss when you absorb all the happiness surrounding you. It’s one of those moments where you’re surrounded by joy and you also know you have a part in creating that joy now. It’s different from going to the parks alone as a normal guest. You’re going to the park as a guest, but a guest and a cast member. The pride swells inside you even if you don’t work in one of the parks. No matter where you work, you realize everyone is needed to work together in order to make all of these guests happy. It makes the hard work worth it. In a way it makes you feel as if all of your hard work is paying off. It truly is indescribable.

Now that I got all deep and sentimental, let’s turn to another topic I’m deeply passionate about: food. When you’re in the parks alone this is your time to either try something new or go for a favorite. When you’re alone you can enjoy eating anywhere you want! Whether that be a specific sit-down restaurant (more likely to get a walk-in table with a party of one), a quick service, or even just a tasty dessert, you won’t have to worry about anyone else’s cravings besides your own! When I went to Epcot, I would try to eat at least one item from one of the countries that I never tried before (yes it was usually dessert) and it was fun! In Magic Kingdom, I would always go to Fantasyland for some sweet treats like rice crispys or candy apples.

Lastly, I’d like to go a little deeper into the idea of relaxation that I stated above. One thing I always loved to do when I was alone in the Magic Kingdom was bring a good book with me and sit on the hub grass. On a nice day a great way to unwind was reading a chapter from a book with a sweet treat by your side! Talk about relaxing! In Epcot, you can stroll or shop through your favorite countries, or you could sit and immerse yourself in the cultural atmosphere. In Animal Kingdom, I liked to talk the time to explore all the paths and see the different areas. Listening to all the sounds of the surrounding nature was peaceful (with a few crying children here and there). The Boardwalk allows you to grab an ice cream and take a stroll to Hollywood Studios; it’s a nice, quiet stroll through the resorts on the Boardwalk over to the park.

Overall when it comes to going to the parks alone, it’s sometime I actually recommend everyone tries at least once! It may be out of your comfort zone, and honestly that’s exactly why you should try it. I had a friend who was too nervous to go alone and then after she tried it once, she loved it! It’s a time to escape and pretend you’re on vacation yourself. So please don’t be afraid of what others may think, everyone in the program does it, it’s not frowned upon by any means. Most importantly, HAVE FUN AND RELAX!

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