A Walk Down Memory Lane

So for those of you who don’t know, Massachusetts is experiencing a slight blizzard. Powers been iffy, snows over the foot mark, and it’s pretty much impossible to get anywhere. So my brother came across our old video camera, along with a bunch of old movies. We immediately hooked it up to the TV and started to watch! We ended up finding quite a few gems, and quite a few memories I try to forget. ANYWAYS, a majority of these gems were old Disney vacations! This is when I felt the need to compile these videos together with a little music to get the tears flowin. So enjoy this little montage of old videos of me and my old Disney memories!

Toria’s Tales of Disney: Walk Down Memory Lane

2 Replies to “A Walk Down Memory Lane”

  1. I loved watching that!! Sooo cute!! In the early days Dana had more hair than William ! LOL


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