Aisling & Be Our Guest

So guys what’s better than getting a last minute table at Be Our Guest (only the most sought after restaurant in Disney World)? Getting a last minute table at Be Our Guest WITH AISLING DENNEHY. Yes that’s right, Aisling came to visit for the day and we took a trip to Magic Kingdom! Unfortunately the rain put a damper on the day but it didn’t stop us from having a great time.

Okay so lets set the scene: there we are standing in line for Haunted Mansion as it torrentially downpours around us. We decide we want to find a place in Magic Kingdom to eat for lunch. So I decided to open up my handy dandy My Disney Experience App and looked at what was available. Then to my dismay, I accidentally cancelled out of the app. I think I was meant to close that app that day because let me tell you as soon as the page refreshed a miracle happened. There on my screen popped up a single time for Be Our Guest. Someone must have cancelled because it hadn’t been there moments earlier. I nearly lost it in line I was so excited. We made the reservation and now I completely understand all the hype. It was so cool! For those of you that don’t know Be Our Guest is a newer restaurant that resides in Beast’s castle in Magic Kingdom. For lunch you are able t pick a table either in the grand ballroom or the infamous west wing and your food is brought to you as if by magic. The food was amazing but the best part had to be dessert. I tried to famed “Grey Stuff” and let me tell you it was delicious! (Get my reference?) Overall if you get the chance to get a reservation DO IT! You won’t be disappointed! Below you find my short video of our day and of our time at Be Our Guest!

Video: Toria’s Tales of Disney: Aisling & Be Our Guest

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