15 Fascinating Christmas Superstitions

Ever wonder where some Christmas traditions might spur from? Or maybe you seem to do the exact same thing every holiday but aren’t necessarily sure as to why? Well I decided to compile a list of 15 very interesting Christmas superstitions that may explain why some family traditions exist and can still be plausibly practiced to this day. If you have a specific Christmas superstition or maybe you see one on this list you believe, feel free to comment your beliefs down below! I love hearing about others stories revolving family superstitions. I also plan on creating another list of stranger superstitions that aren’t that easy to follow anymore.

15. Yule Log

Image result for christmas yule log fire

It is said that keeping a Yule Log burning throughout all of the Christmas festivities is good luck. To have to relight another log throughout the holiday at all is seen as a bad omen that could lead to unfortunate luck in the upcoming years. This stands strong with farmers as a Yule Log burning indicates the rebirth of livestock as well as it’s ashes (if saved and planted with new seedlings) represent strong agricultural growth in the future.

14. Twelfth Day of Christmas

Image result for christmas decorations in a box

It is said that by the evening of January 6th, otherwise known as the twelfth day of Christmas, all Christmas decoration should be stripped from the home. It is believed that keeping the decorations up for longer will lead to bad luck. Time to get rid of the Christmas tree SOONER mother…

13. An Apple A Day

Image result for christmas apple

It is said that if you worry for your health or are looking to stay in well-health for the following new year, one should eat an apple on Christmas Eve. Like they always say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

12. Christmas Pudding

Image result for christmas pudding

It is believed that being the one responsible for stirring the Christmas Pudding is an extreme sign of luck for the coming year. As long as you stir the pudding at least three times, it is said you will be met with prosperity as well as finding the love of your life (or marriage).

11. Christmas & Easter

Image result for easter

It is said that should it snow on Christmas, Easter will be green!

10. Work

Image result for christmas work

No work other than what must be done for the day to go on may occur on Christmas. It is supposedly extremely bad luck to do any form of work on such a holy day of the year. So kick up your feet and relax everyone! It’s all for the good karma!

9. Irish Belief

Image result for heavens gates

An Irish belief is that on Christmas Eve the gates to heaven are opened directly for all of those who depart on that night. It is said that those who leave the physical world and travel through heavens gates on Christmas Eve are never met with purgatory.

8. Wind & Sweeping

Image result for christmas sweeping

Should wind be persistent and noticeably strong on Christmas, it is said it shall bring with it good luck for the upcoming year. In a way it is almost like it’s blowing away any negative energy. It is also believed, like the legend of La Befana in Italian culture, that sweeping the threshold of your house on Christmas morning is a sign of starting the new year with a clean slate and sweeping away past sorrows.

7. Candle Light

Image result for lit candle gif

It is believed that a candle lit on Christmas Eve should be left burning until Christmas Day. Those who chose to blow it out or it goes out on it’s own during the night while the household sleeps is considered bad luck upon the home. Should the candle stay burning, good luck shall be bestowed. I recommend not trying this one out guys, candles should always be looked after when lit and definitely not left unattended overnight!

6. Burn The Tree

Image result for fire gif

It is said the Christmas Trees should always be burned once their time is done within a home. Those who simply throw them outside and leave them there are supposedly opening up their home to unruly creatures or bad spirits.

5. Christmas Carols

Image result for christmas carols gif

Singing Christmas Carols during any other time of the year other than the holidays is considered extremely bad luck. Glad to know I follow this superstition (mainly because I get sad listening to Christmas songs when its not Christmas time). Although I will admit, my Christmas festivities tend to start much earlier than most (I LOVE getting into the spirit as soon as the season can begin!).

4. Christmas Birth


Being born on Christmas and even Christmas Eve in some legends is considered extremely fortunate. Those born on Christmas are said to have a very special future with a promising life in tow. Some say that those born on Christmas are more susceptible to seeing spirits throughout their lives while others believe the opposite in which they will never have to fear a spirit because they are least likely to come in contact with one. Looks like my cousin Jimmy has all us other cousins beat then!

3. Shoes

Image result for christmas presents

While many of us I’m sure love receiving a nice new pair of shoes on Christmas Day, this is actually considered a bad omen. It is believed that giving a pair of shoes to a loved one is symbolic of them walking out of your life in the upcoming year (sometimes through death). Keep the ones you love close and don’t give them any shoes!

2. Holly & Mistletoe

Image result for holly and mistletoe

It is believed, even during pre-Christian rule of the winter holiday, that Holly & Mistletoe have magical properties. Mistletoe, besides being well-known for romance, is placed in doorways to ward off evil-spirits. It is said that by placing a mistletoe in a doorway on Christmas Eve pushes away all evil and leaves room for growth. Holly on the other hand is considered to be a representation of Jesus and his blood which exemplifies the idea of everlasting life. It, like Mistletoe, is also said to have protective powers that ward off all evil that may come upon the home.

1. Welcoming Father Christmas

Image result for open winter door

It is said that on Christmas Day, a member of the house or whomever may be the first one to open the front door of the home should exclaim “Welcome Father Christmas.” This is said the bring luck to the household and ward off any bad spirits that may be residing within the home.


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