Old Disney Channel Christmas Episodes To Binge on Disney+

Time to get into the nostalgic holiday spirit with some of MY all-time favorite episodes of classic Disney Channel shows, THE CHRISTMAS SPECIALS! I decided to compile a list of some of the best holiday episodes of all the oldies! All of these episodes can be found on the new Disney+ (or probably on YouTube honestly). Watch and ENJOY!

Phil of The Future, Christmas Break, Season 2, Ep. 15

Learn what happened during Phil and Pim’s first Christmas in the past!

Lizzie McGuire, Aaron Carter’s Coming To Town, Season 1, Ep. 7

Lizzie, Gordo, and Miranda try to break onto the set of Aaron Carter’s Christmas music video.

Lizzie McGuire, Xtreme Xmas, Season 2, Ep. 20

Lizzie’s trying to make her Christmas float better than Kate’s, but when an old man shows up claiming to be an elf, things take a turn. Also Steven Tyler???

Suite Life Of Zack & Cody, Christmas At The Tipton, Season 1, Ep. 21

A snow storm rocks Boston and the Tipton is completely full when a pregnant Mary arrives needing a room for the night.

Recess, Yes, Mikey, Santa Does Shave, Season 2, Ep. 10

Mikey still believes in Santa unlike the other 5th graders, so it’s up to him to prove to everyone Santa is real before the Holiday show.

That’s So Raven, Escape Claus, Season 1, Ep. 19

When Raven opens one of her Christmas presents early and ruins her own Christmas, Santa gives her a second chance.

Hannah Montana, Killing Me Softly With His Height, Season 3, Ep. 5

When Miley goes on a date with a boy shorter than her, she has to realize she may be superficial when it comes to her opinions.

Hannah Montana, It’s The End of Jake As We Know It, Season 4, Ep. 5

When Oliver and Lilly find out Jake’s cheating on Miley, they don’t have the heart to tell her right before Hannah’s Christmas special (which Jake is now guest starring on).

Kim Possible, A Very Possible Christmas, Season 2, Ep. 13

Ron decides to take a mission without Kim knowing so she can celebrate Christmas with her family.

Even Stevens, Heck of A Hanukkah, Season 1, Ep. 15

Louis ruins all of the family’s Hanukkah’s presents and wishes he was never born. So what happens when his wish comes true?

The Proud Family, Seven Days Of Kwanzaa, Season 1, Ep. 11

When the Proud family starts to forget the true meaning of family and the holidays, a family at the homeless shelter shows Penny the importance of family through Kwanzaa.

Good Luck Charlie, A Duncan Christmas, Season 3, Ep. 20

Teddy brings Charlie to meet Santa while Bob’s mom visits for the holidays to Amy’s dismay.

Sonny With A Chance, A So Random Holiday Special, Season 2, Ep. 22

Check out So Random!’s Holiday Special with special guests: The Jonas Brother!

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