15 PlayStation 2 Games You Definitely Still Play

Many of you, who are like me, still owe and operate your beloved Playstation 2. Some gaming systems just never die and honestly I believe the Playstation 2 was the height of Playstation’s career. Anyways, I decided to make a post with some of the most memorable games that (most of which) I still play to this day when I get the time.

15. Call of Duty/Grand Theft Auto Games


Had to add them in here somewhere because I knew someone would call me out if I didn’t. Obviously there are a ton of different versions of each of these games, but I decided to combine them all into one.

14. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 4


I swear my brother and I liked playing this game more so to build different worlds to skate in vs actually skating around in the game. True story.

13. Ty The Tasmanian Tiger


You have an Australian tiger with two boomerangs, fighting his way through an alternate universe where Koalas are police officers and alligators will still kill you.


12. Lego Star Wars & Indiana Jones


THE BEST RETELLING OF TRILOGIES EVER. Like how could you make Star Wars and Indiana Jones better? LEGOS. These two player games went through every movie from a unique aspect. Plus whenever my brother or I would get annoyed with one another, we would hit each others player and they’d explode into bricks.

11. Silent Hill


Sometimes on the weekends when my friends and I would have a movie night, my guy friends would play this in my basement with my brother. It was kind of like watching a full length horror movie and also being the one to decide if your characters going to die or not.

10. Final Fantasy


I never really played these too much but since they were the same characters in the Kingdom Hearts games, I had respect for them.

9. Guitar Hero/Rock Band


Everyone would fight over who got a guitar, who got to pick the song, and who would be stuck as the singer. Drummer was like that weird in between limbo where sometimes someone actually wanted to be drummer or someone was stuck on it while in rotation for guitar.

8. The Sims


For some reason this sims game was so hard in my opinion. First of all, it didn’t let me have more than one person in my household in story mode which was lame. Then the challenges were so dang hard to move up in the sims world. Also rough life when you could only have a single floor house even in free play mode.

7. Rampage Total Destruction


Literally a game where your only goal is to team up (or destroy) a pal and cause chaos in a city. Like sounds like a good time to me! Great way to let out your frustration or stress on bad days.

6. Disney Extreme Skate Adventure


The. Best. In. Game. Soundtrack. Playlist. Ever. Someone recreated it on Spotify, you’re welcome. Also on top of the poppin playlist, the game itself was pretty awesome. You basically got to pick between the world of Olliewood, Toy Story, Tarzan, and The Lion King (crazy Disney movie combo right?). Then you got to travel to their world and skate around either as your own personalized character or one of the characters from the movie!

5. A Series Of Unfortunate Events


It was so dang hard but so fun. Inventing, snooping, and investigating as the three Baudelaire children was a great way to spend a rainy afternoon. The only hard part was finding the pieces to put together another crazy invention Violet was whipping up, climbing and sliding through tight spaces with Sunny, and finding new books in strange places with Klaus, oh and of course avoiding Count Olaf while doing it all. Good times.

4. ATV Offroad Fury 2


This game came with my playstation I believe. It was a great two player starter game. The really cool thing about the ATV game though was it did have a racing mode, but its freeplay mode had a pretty huge map to explore and tons of locations to pick from. They also had a girl character to play as (which of course you had to unlock… but its a start).

3. The Haunted Mansion


The ring 3.0. Seriously, I loved when my cousin Joe would babysit and bring this game over to let us watch him play. Felt so cool because it was a big kid game and I loved the suspense of it. What didn’t I like? The damn Samara ghost that would pop out of nowhere and have here hair flip up to reveal her screaming face. That part was a no from me dawg.

2. The Spongebob Squarepants Movie


Just when I thought the ice cream grandma inside the killer fish wasn’t scary the first time around. This game was epic and the levels were often times difficult but so accomplishing when you won. A goobers gotta do what a goobers gotta do to save Bikini Bottom amiright??

1. Kingdom Hearts (I & II)


The. Best. Game. Series. Of. All. Time. @ me, I dare you. You would be proven wrong if you even attempted to test me. This game is not only gorgeously made, but it’s storylines and plots are AMAZING. This is the first ever game that truly sucked me into the story and I felt like I was the character first hand. Plus by throwing in all of Disney’s beloved characters with a dark twist really enhanced the game and changed everything you knew about your favorite characters. Still has me tearing up every time.

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