Chewbacca & Frozen Ever After

Finally another video uploaded! I’ve also been working on a long post about training and work that will be coming out soon!

So this video is about my day off in Hollywood Studios and Epcot! In the morning Emily McKenzie and I went off to Hollywood Studios and rode Toy Story Mania (I totally beat them). It’s a great interactive, 4-D ride that lets you shrink down to the size of a toy! After that we decided to head over to Star Wars Launch Bay. We decided against meeting Kylo again and instead got in line to meet Chewbacca. He was quite the friendly giant, just don’t be like Emily and ask him how Han is (Spoiler alert she made him cry).

When it was time for McKenzie to head over to work, Emily and I met up with a few of my work friends for dinner at the Nine Dragons in the China Pavilion. The food was amazing! But I will warn anyone with a shellfish allergy like mine it was very difficult to find menu items that were adjusted to the allergy. I didn’t film dinner but I did film the most amazing moment of my life after that. We were just casually walking around deciding what to do before fireworks when suddenly a thought came into my head. I knew it was a long shot but it was worth a try. We headed over to the Norway Pavilion just to see how long the wait would be for the famed Frozen ride. That’s when I swear my eyes bulged out of my head. THE LINE WAS ONLY 45 MINUTES (Thats insanely short for the Frozen ride, it’s usually in the 100s). Since we had 1 1/2 until the fireworks we all hopped in line immediately. Let me tell you that ride was AWESOME. I don’t think I stopped singing the entire time. I even got the music in my video to line up with the Elsa part of the ride. Check out the Frozen ride along with the rest of my day in the video below! New posts coming soon!

Video: Toria’s Tales of Disney: Meeting Chewbacca & Frozen Ever After

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  1. I am JEALOUS!!! I want to ride the Frozen ride!! I’ll have to come back and we can go to Epcot!


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